Jazz (almost 6 weeks) with Heather.  Heather is the grandaughter of our neighbor and loves to see the dogs when she is visiting her grandma.  She has a poodle of her own.



   Rudy (Lucy's pup, owned by Rich & Carol).  How BEAUTIFUL he is!!  We recently saw Rudy and he is a doll!  Petite and very showy.  He was red as a pup and even darker now. 




                        SCARLETT & LUCY  



Really Red Poodles - Your home to the best Red Toy Poodles in Fulton, IL.  All A.K.C. with great pedigrees - many champions in their backgrounds!  We specialize in reds and apricots.  We love all colors but nothing beats watching a flame red poodle running in the sunshine.  We are not a kennel and our dogs have the run of our house.  The pups are raised in our living room with much love and attention.  Some people have homegrown tomatoes - we have homegrown poodles! 

Grab a cup of coffee and browse our site and give the pages time to load.  The pictures are worth waiting for!  We will have more pictures all the time as this site grows.  We will post pictures of our puppies in their new homes as they grow, when their owners send them.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Our pups are sold AKC Limited Registration.  We do this so your pup can be AKC registered to show his/her good breeding but should not be bred as any litters will not be registered.  We want these pups to go to loving homes as cherished pets.  We love our dogs and want the best for their pups.


Lucy's 1st Pup born 8/07/05.  He is 8 days old in this picture.  He will end up going to Minnesota and being named "Chili".  Georgeous boy!